30 January 2017
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Bomber Jacket – UNIQLO U
Turtleneck & Warm Pants – UNIQLO Heattech
Chelsea Boots – COS


I’ve always been a fan of Uniqlo’s Heattech range. They keep you toasty by producing heat from moisture evaporating from your body, which air pockets then store in the fibre of the clothes to keep the warmth on your body, meaning you don’t need to wear endless layers during cold season.

Besides from being super light and comfortable, they’re quite fashionable for clothes that are so functional.  I mean, they simply feel like well-made basics that you wouldn’t want to hide away. Heattech is also very durable. although there’s obvious wear, it didn’t affect its performance. my two-years old layering items are just as warm as the ones I just bought.


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