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St. Regis Singapore: The Luxury Expert

23 October 2017


29 Tanglin Road
+65 6506 6888

Graduation is indeed every students dream. All the hardwork during your school time got paid off. And absolutely has to be rewarded. After completed my bachelor degree on August, I decided to reward myself a sweet escape to the city of chicken rice, Singapore. It’s nothing much to prepare while visiting Singapore, simply because they have the similar ambiance with Jakarta and can be reach by 2-hour flight. But if you’re looking for a decent place to spend your holiday and to some of your money to shop, Singapore might be a perfect choice.

If you are looking for a place to stay in Singapore, The St. Regis Singapore might be an ideal option for you. Located in the famous Orchard Road, making it an ideal base to explore. As soon as you step foot in the lobby, you’ll step into the lap of luxury. The hotel looks like something that you would see in The Great Gatsby, while contemporary, handsome finishes and modern comforts will make you feel like you’re in on a cutting-edge secret.

We arrived in Singapore late at 7.30 and had a dinner reservation at 8, so we went straight to La Brezza after checked-in. When we walked through to the restaurant we got a table right away and sat down. Our waiter appeared fast and asked what we would like to drink. There’s an open kitchen, so we can see a restaurant chef’s at work. We tried La Brezza’s degustation menu of 6 courses which goes for SGD 128++ per person, all of the courses were simple dishes that were bursting with flavour.

We started the meal with the Boston Lobster with Panzanella Salad and Burrata Cheese, a great start to the meal. The Angus Beef Striploin was my favorite dish in the degustation menu, grilled to perfection, which teased the tongue with its saucy tartness and juicy meat.

We ended with the chef coming out to assemble our classic Italian Tiramisu, rich mascarpone mousse with lady finger biscuit fused with coffee-bailey’s syrup and sprinkle with cocoa powder on the top.

The service was subtle, but you felt like you were the centre of attention.

in this photo
Boston Lobster, Panzanella Salad,
Burrata Cheese

in this photo
Duck Breast, Apple Compote,
Rosemary Gastrique

in this photo
Carnaroli Risotto, Sea Lettuce, Hokkaido Scallop, Baeri Caviar

in this photo
Paccheri, Pork Collar Ragout, Crispy Onion

in this photo
Angus Beef Striploin, Pizzaiola Sauce, Green Peppers

in this photo
Mascarpone Mousse, Lady Finger Biscuit, Coffee-Bailey’s Syrup

After dinner, we were ready to call it a night and give our happy tummies a rest, so we headed to our room. The room itself is one of the best hotel rooms that we have stayed in. The well-appointed Art Deco-style rooms are spacious and feature the Bose stereo sound system built into the room which you can use to play your own personal tunes via Bluetooth, so you can set the mood during your stay.

Not only is the bedroom beautiful, the bathroom is simply gorgeous. The French marble bathroom comes with 2 sinks, as well as TV installed on the wall for your viewing pleasure while having a bubble bath. Remède Spa bath amenities enhance the luxe factor. For any further service you require, you can always depend on the legendary butlers of St. Regis whom are at your beck and call. Our Butler showed up at the door after I arrived in my room shortly with some welcome amenities and an offer to show us the controls around the room. St. Regis has thought of everything haven’t they?

The morning I woke up from the comfiest bed a hotel could provide, a meeting was arranged by the hotel to see Xavier, a very professional and well-dress hotelier. It was a very nice hotel tour. He described almost all the meaning behind every art pieces hanging on the walls. St. Regis Singapore is surely has a great tastes.

After a classy hotel tour, we had a breakfast buffet at Brasserie Les Saveurs. Incredible breakfast buffet choices start from Asian to European dishes, absolutely a delightful way to start your day. The indulgence didn’t stop that way. We got offered to relax our mind and body at their jacuzzi and of course available for all the hotel guests.


Arnold Teja was a guest of St. Regis Singapore, all views and opinions are my own. A big thank you to Xavier and team for the warmest hospitality!

Last but not least, there is a jazz bar located on the first floor of the St. Regis Singapore called the Astor Bar. It is famous for unique cocktails such as Bloody Mary. It has been a part of St. Regis history since 1934 when bartender Fernand Petiot introduced the “Red Snapper”, which would later be renamed the Bloody Mary, at the King Cole Bar in The St. Regis New York. They also offers Chilli Padi Mary, which has lemongrass, chilli padi and ginger ale, giving it a distinct spiciness which reflects Singapore’s diverse cuisine. For those who don’t take alcohol, you can choose from a range of appealing mocktails and juices.

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Classic Bloody Mary

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