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Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition

24 December 2015

I’ve been involved in the arts and also being an admirer of Louis Vuitton, I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Series 3 exhibition by Parisian label, Louis Vuitton in Singapore. Series 3 is a stand-alone exhibition showcasing Nicolas Ghesquière’s creative process and influences. Far more than a simple collection, it is a stream of consciousness, dreams and self-reflexive journeys. I would describe the exhibition as futuristic with set, sounds, lighting effects and various screen to create the atmosphere. From a dark room you would walk into the blinding white room (it is so bright even the tour guide wore a sunglasses). I witnessed the making of iconic Petite Malle, where it takes 30 hours to make one. Everything is selected by hand and carefully crafted. Series 3 is an adventure along the emotional corridors of Louis Vuitton.

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    Wow! It looks great <3

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