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Citilink Escape Part 2

15 March 2016

So happy I can finally share a photo diary of my amazing trip to Bali a couple of weeks ago. I won’t type too much so that you can just enjoy the photos but I want to say that Bali might be a small island but everytime I visit I’m wowed by how many places there are to see. From rice terraces to volcano mountain to turquoise beaches, Bali really does have something for everyone. I definitely kept back feeling inspired by the ocean waves and the salty breeze, the beautiful ornate temples, the sunsets, the cute cafes everywhere, the vibes and amazing views of just about anything. This trip would not have been possible without Citilink, the low-cost airline in Indonesia that flies to quite a number of destinations at a very competitive rate! For those on a budget, but still want a quality, efficient flight.. Citilink can meet your flight needs!

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    love your feed. keep writing!

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