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Batik Afternoon Tea

4 May 2017
Fairmont Afternoon Tea Iwan Tirta

Fairmont Afternoon Tea Iwan Tirta

Fairmont Afternoon Tea Iwan Tirta


a luxurious tea set features mouth-watering sweet delights and savoury bites inspired by Iwan Tirta’s latest collection.


This time I had a chance to spend an afternoon tea session at Peacock Lounge in Fairmont Hotel Jakarta. This afternoon tea was kinda special because they served us their latest collaboration with the well-known batik industry in Indonesia, Iwan Tirta. Some of you may think about what does batik has to do with dessert and tea? Or maybe some of you think that they use the batik-printed utensils to serve us? Nope, they don’t do that, they printed batik ornaments on the chocolate as the decoration of the cakes.

Fairmont Afternoon Tea Iwan TirtaFairmont Afternoon Tea Iwan Tirta
Fairmont Afternoon Tea Iwan Tirta
Fairmont Afternoon Tea Iwan Tirta
Fairmont Afternoon Tea Iwan Tirta
We were absolutely having great times, the coziness of the lounge, the friendly serving from the waitress and of course the afternoon tea set they served us. Decoration inside the lounge is pretty decent, they add some batik touch on the couch and the cushion there. The afternoon tea consists of medalines with raspberry and custard jam dipping, fruit tarts, butter cake, and many other mini cakes with batik printed chocolate on it, several savory choices like salmons and foie gras.

Since it’s an afternoon tea, they also served us with variant selections of tea. At first we were quite confuse to choose the tea and we decided to order Sakura, Emperor Sencha, Morrocan Mint and Peacock Signature Tea. Each of the tea selection has it’s special fragrance, as Sakura tea is sweet and refreshing, Morrocan Mint tastes minty and soothe your mind, Emperor Sencha tastes slightly like green tea, and the Peacock Signature Tea is like a fruit infused tea.

Overall, they serve a very decent afternoon tea a hotel could serve, they offer comfortable ambiance in the middle of Jakarta’s traffic congestion, and a place to have leisure time after you signed a deal for your business.

PS. Wear your favorite Batik while enjoying afternoon tea at Peacock Lounge Fairmont Jakarta and don’t forget to post it on your Instagram account with hashtag #BatikAfternoon for a chance to win a prize from Iwan Tirta Batik collection! For more info, follow Fairmont Jakarta on Instagram.

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